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Due to insufficient number of paper proposals that arrived by 30 November 2015, the programme board has decided to prolong the time for making proposals till 30 December 2015. This does not apply for Session 1 (courts) and Session 2 (migration); in these two sessions we have received more applications than we can accept. In all other session places are still open for application.

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Janja Hojni

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Undergraduate and postgraduate law students from Central and South-East Europe are invited to send us proposals of papers to be presented at the Conference. The proposals should fit in the outlined 9 programme sessions. The Conference Board will prepare every Session on the basis of students’ submitted proposals. The best 5-7 proposals will be chosen by the Board for every Session, taking into account their content, as well as the nationality of the student. Students will give ten minute presentations which will be followed by responding commentaries of the disputers (professors, EU policy makers and national experts and practitioners). The goal of each Session will be for students to collect their thoughts, ideas and views concerning the Session’s topic and to come up with strategies on how the Member States and the EU could contribute towards the realisation of the proposed ideas in the future.

To be selected for participation at the conference, students shall prepare quality proposals of maximum 2 pages in English which will be examined by the Conference Board. Most importantly, however, the preparation and reading of the paper at the conference will not be sufficient for successful presentation of the chosen topic. The topic chosen should be presented in a confident manner and one’s views convincingly defended during discussion with fellow participants and EU and national experts.

Students from the Central and South-eastern Europe are invited to send their presentation proposals within the subject matter of the set nine Sessions to the organising team at till 30 DECEMBER 2015.

Within the proposal please expressly state the title of your proposed paper, under which session do you want it to be considered, your name, university, country of permanent residency as well as your age and contact information. Country of permanent residency is relevant since it is the decisive criteria on eligibility (students from Central and South-East Europe may apply, regardless the state, where they study). Age of the candidates will be considered in respect of your experience – since also postgraduate students may apply, the programme board will not considered those postgraduate students that already have lengthy working experience (e.g. as practising lawyers, judges etc.).

Selected proposals will be announced on this website by 15 January 2016 at the latest. The selected students will have the opportunity to present themselves on this website through a short CV and stated areas of career interest. Students selected for presentation will be invited to send papers of maximum 4 pages to the organising team by 1 March 2016 to be included in the Book of Conference Papers. They are encouraged to use the conference forum to exchange views on the topics before the conference. After the conference students that participated in the same Session will be invited to prepare a joint article which will be published in the journal LeXonomica[1].