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The Central European Law Conference for Students (CELCOS) will be the first large international student event in the region of Central and Southeastern Europe to reflect the current issues of EU law. It will be a new way of broadening the students’ knowledge of EU law, accentuating excellence in presentation and argumentation.

The main idea behind this Jean Monnet project is to gather law students from the Central and Southeastern European states for a three-day conference at the University of Maribor (Slovenia), where students will be the main actors in the event, with academics and national and EU practitioners playing the role of commentators and disputers. It is foreseen that over 50 students from Central and South-Eastern Europe and close to 30 experts will gather to discuss the present challenges facing the EU legal system and its future.

The aim of the conference is to discuss topical issues of EU law relevant for the EU as a whole and to get the message across about the importance of EU law for establishing the rule of law in Central and Southeastern European countries. The conference is designed so as to bring together the most committed students from universities across the Central and Southeastern region of Europe, as well as first-class professors of EU law, judges, prosecutors and policy-makers at the national and EU level, in order to tailor recommendations for the improvement of the EU legal system. Guided by judicial and political eminences, students will discuss and refine their views and proposals about the future of the EU legal system in the selected topical areas.